Are You in Pain or Serving Those

in Pain?

Join Dr. Emily Gannaway and 36 experts and doctors in the field of pain and rehabilitative medicine to find out how you can better serve your clients and patients TODAY!

With Your Host

Dr. Emily Gannaway, ND, LAc, MSOM


From her own personal injury and her experience growing up with numerous doctors in her family, Dr. Gannaway developed a passion for treating pain conditions by addressing the root cause.

This inspired her to become a Doctor of naturopathic medicine, obtain a master of science in oriental medicine (MSOM), become a regenerative medicine doctor, complete an obstetrics program, complete 2 years of mentorship in regenerative injections, become a holistic pelvic care provider, become an Arvigo practitioner, get advanced training in bioidentical hormone
therapy, complete a 2 year externship in pediatrics, study visceral manipulation, and complete numerous other trainings.

Featuring Interviews With

Dr. Jessica Peatross

Holding Stress in the Fascia


Dr. Tyna Moore

Regenerative Injections
for Joint Pain

Leslie Joglekar, FRCms, FRA

The CARS Approach to Mobility

Ara Keshishian

VO2 Max & Maximizing Performance

Dr. Chris Kleronomos

Treating the Brain

JR Burgess

Pulling Away From the Pack with Your Unique Branded Protocol

Elizabeth Karchut, RDH

Craniosacral Therapy

Dr. Orna Izakson

Herbs for Pain & Inflammation

Francesca Freund, LAc.

Conditions After Surgery

Dr. Patricia Breckon

Hydration & Joint Pain

Dr. Victor Nazarian


Dr. Andrew Wong

Low Dose Naltrexone

Dr. Rachael O’Connell

Knee Pain

Dr. Jenni Kobylarczyk, PharmD

Over Prescribing, De-Prescribing, & NSAIDS

Dr. Erin Moore

The Mind-Body Relationship to Pain & Past Trauma

Anne Liersch

Low Back Pain & Postural Alignment Therapy

Dr. Kelsey Asplin

Kinesio Taping

Kyle Gentle

CARS for Hip Pain

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Graeme Gentle

CARS for Hip Pain

Kim Preveza

Using Yoga for Pain

Dr. Krista Imre

Qi Gong, Yoga, & Ayurvedic Medicine

Dr. Adam Dombrowski

Qi Gong, Yoga, & Ayurvedic Medicine

Shane Zunckel

Anterior Deltoid Pain

Cameron Ellingson

Combatting the Effects of Sitting

Dr. Danielle Currey

Types of Pain & an Herbal Approach

Jodi Katzin

Relationship to Eating &
Energy Conservation

Linda Ljucovic, RHN, CHRP

Essential Oils & Food for Pain

Jessica Jantos

Natural Pain Therapies

Dr. Angela Knapp

Pain in Kids & Non-Verbal Populations

Dr. Emily Lesnak

Teens, Poor Posture, & Neck Pain

Deana Tsiapalis

The Anxiety, Depression, & Pain Relationship

Christopher Smith

Stress & Neuromuscular Pain

Heidi Hadley

Clinical Somatics & Somatic Movement

Lynda Keane

Aquatic Stretching & Fascia

Dr. Michele Broadhurst

Chiropractic Care, Myofascia, & Nutrigenomics for Animals

Dr. Rashmeet Kaur

Exercises & Physiotherapy:
Posture & Posture Related Pain

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Pain And Rehab Summit

Through Saturday September 19, 2020